When insomnia kicked in, I would grab a pen and wrote down everything I was feeling at that exact moment.  It was magical.  I prayed these simple verses would turn into songs. But, it was not the case. So instead, I just kept them in my old note book. Many verses kept in dark hoping to see the light one day. I’ll admit, I was selfish. I denied them. I ignored them. I did not want to face them. I’ve only paid attention to the pretty songs. They  sounded good to me.





Suddenly,  it hit me. The simple verses have a story to tell just as much as the pretty songs.


























The Queen of Sword





It is time for a revolution

A new dose of human’s solution

Aiming to end the cycle of repetition

It is time for a revolution

The theory deserves consideration

Their rules have created separation

It is time for a revolution

The break free from all drug addiction

Detoxification and rehabilitation

It is time for a revolution

Allow clarification

Declaration of emancipation

It is time for a revolution

The elimination of media’s systematic projection

It is time for a revolution

The morning devotions unfolding new revelations

It is time for a revolution

Hand made  institutions ready to guide the next generation

It is time for a revolution

The continuation of mankind evolution

It is time for a revolution








The woman in me









What is life for a woman like me

That ain’t got nobody to cling on to

What is life for a woman like me

That ain’t got nothing but a couple of bills to hold on to









The Approval




Myth sing your song

They want to hear your song

As they crave you into the night

But won’t deal with you in sunlight

These men who did not love you

These men who did not want you

Have mistaken you for the weak

You missed the clues and took the risk

To please thee

Who has left you

And all this thinking

Has got you weeping








My Ancestors 





Why so cruel?

I hear my people crying

I see my  people dying


Why cause my people so much suffering?

They’ve cried and asked for God’s healing

As I do every night








Numb me




The nights filled with intoxication

 May never bring perfection

The lost player at love

Who searches for a cure

Usually ends up feeling torn

With their broken heart on the floor

Reminiscing on the past

Will only make you loose it fast

For once I decide to stick to reality, morally

Knowing these feelings will fade eventually









Naive Sinner




Dear God

I have been a fool

Thinking someday I may resolve

My problems with a certain tool

Here I am

All Alone

Knocking on heaven’s door

With my knees glued  to the floor

This world has tried to turn me cold

like the prophets in the days of old

I pray for courage with my bare hands

 A fool seeking to understand

Tell me, is this the life you’ve planned for me

If so, why do I continue to fear every light you’ve brought upon me







My favourite piece of art



Mysterious man

You are the man of my dreams

Mysterious man

In my head, your name resonates

Mysterious man

At the crack of  dawn, I wonder about you

Mysterious  man

You attract women like me who are guided by their curiosity

Mysterious man

In the city of lights, you are my only unsolved mystery

Irresistible, you are

Unforgettable, you are

Mysterious man

You are every women’s fantasy

Mysterious man

In my heart, your name resonates

Mysterious man

To me, You are a walking piece of art








Silly love letter




Tell me

Have we met before

The sensations I feel

I can’t explain it

Refreshing like the ocean

How do you do what you do

Tearing down my walls

By one single touch

Studying my body, attentively

Speaking its language so beautifully

With you, I become the moon


Out in the the open

So vulnerable

My one of a kind

Let me shower you with love

My one of a kind

Let me cover you with kisses of passion

Helplessly in  love I am

Distance could not stop me

Here is where you will find me

Within is where you will feel me








I am home




I dropped my swords

Like the soldier returning home from war

They say turning inwards is where your powers lies

The resting place of your soul

I rather call it home

My inner home

A place of love

A place of hope

A place of acceptance


A place of reintegration

A place of completeness

A place of power


Often misinterpreted as a well prized possession