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The Monthly Trial Of A Vegan Myth

After my twenty fifth birthday, I decided it was time for me to embark on a healthy journey.  I called it “The monthly trial of a vegan Myth”. I refused to become one of the many individuals on this planet who are co-dependent off medicine.  My co-dependency would implied the daily advils and anti allergies pills.
My lifestyle was not a healthy one. It involved a lot of partying and drinking. I’ve mostly ate out due to working early hours and partying late nights. I did not find the time to cook for myself. I’ve formed a horrible habit of spending money on junk food.  It was cheap, quick, and affordable. Overtime my body sent me several warnings. I had extreme headaches,  dehydration, and chronic fatigue. As for my mental health, things were not progressing. My anxiety was catching it up to me. And, my depression kept me in bed for longer hours. I’ve experienced those factors for a few years, and I knew something had to change.
I had taken manners into my own hands. I needed to prioritize my health.  To achieve the goals I aimed for myself in life, I had to re-adjust my eating habit. I surrounded  my mindset around “health before wealth”. Once I digested the concept, I initially began to take the necessary steps towards changing my life for the better.
First, I had to completely dissociate myself from what I’ve learned all these years. It had been intimidating at first. Starting with little knowledge on nutrition. I had heard of the word vegan in the past but never really took interest. 
My goal was to change my lifestyle (Mode de vie) and not turn it into a temporary diet. Before heading towards the well known documentaries.  I spent my time reading articles online. And, somewhere along these lines “food is your only medicine” is where my curiosity grew.
My ancestors had never witness the well known diseases we were facing today. Their food did not involve any chemically formed food substitution nor artificial flavors. They were surviving off raw vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and red meats. I’ve found myself critically analyzing the evolution of our consumption of food and went wondered. 
How was my food processed? What kind of measures were applied for my food to land on my plate? The simple questions initiated my conscious decision had towards going the “monthly trial of a vegan Myth”. I will admit I was hesitant at first due to my constant battle of tradition versus morality. It quickly ended after being exposed to the factory farming. To see the animals being captivated for weeks and months in unhealthy environments broke my heart into pieces. Due to our consumption of animal related food we have completely taken away their freedom and desire to live. What has been projected is not what I’ve discovered. No one deserves to face the torture and abuse they are experiencing.
 I’ve realized to go on “monthly  trial of a vegan Myth” was not only benefiting my health but for our planet. I t has been discovered by scientists, the leading cause of global warning was due to animal agriculture. Yes, our consumption of meat had taken damaging effects to our planet. We have not only exploited but exceeded our consumption overtime due to the population demand. We are now feeding off 100 billion animals per year. In human evolution, eating meat was needed for survival. Today, we refuse to push towards different alternatives.
I will admit transitioning  from eating animal related food to an all plant based diet was quite challenging. I began by reducing my consumption of meat to twice a week. The drastic change has encouraged me to push towards healthy alternatives. I’ve made a goal each day to nurture my body with its dose of healthy required nutriments which would consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Before taking interest in meat substitution, I turned to juicing. twice a day, I would extract the juice from the raw vegetables and fruits. Then proceed to the recommended meat substitution which was bean, chick peas, mushrooms, lentils, and avocado. slowly but surely, I ended the cycle by taking a permanent decision to stop eating meat.
 To become vegan for me, is making a change  as an individual living on this planet earth. It is to take a step forward and putting an end towards animal abuse. To become being vegan is to acknowledge that we are all connected. is to adapt a new way of living, a new way of thinking, of being. I am hoping I can one day adapt towards veganism.
To be continued…..