Myth, a human’s invention?














Myths were created by the unconscious mind of the human being. Throughout the realities of the ancient times, man framed the Myth to explain natural phenomena the people could not comprehend. In our modern time, you and I can both agree that we have not come across anything supernatural thus far.  So, what could Myth possibly have to do with me?






The word itself “Myth” is no coincidence. Most of the well-known Myths in history were recognized by their heroic, powerful, and victorious endeavors. Ha! And, here I am calling myself a Myth. When I think of a Myth I think of the admired superhero we loved as a child. I can recall all the times I’ve spent watching all the series of this Japanese anime. A young adolescent searching for the recognition from his village as he was pursuing his dreams of becoming the Leader of the village. The previous Leader of the village had locked a supernatural Myth within the young boy. Every ninjas in the search of capturing the infamous Myth. The Myth possessed incredible power. Anyone with the Myth on their side would become invincible. When the Myth occurred on the scene of the battle, it would embody the character’s body. They would instantly become one. Fighting their battles together in unity.I used to watch both characters in action with such passion and admiration. To see both fictional characters reach their full divine power was an experience to witness.






I truly believe like the young adolescent that we each possess this divine power. There is a Myth residing within us waiting to be unleashed ready to fight our battles for us. Life is a battle with several rounds. You may have won a few rounds and lost of few. I can guarantee you that every morning you find yourself picking up that invisible armor suit getting ready for a battle.






Now let’s go right to the source. See, I am a woman who stands behind her belief. Within, I believe I possess this grandiose power ready to fight my battles for me. I, instead just decided to call my personal warrior a Myth. Yes, Myth. I believe I was put on this earth with an unbelievable quest. Yes, most of the well-known Myths in history were recognized by their heroic, powerful, and victorious endeavors. Have I accomplished anything victorious yet? My friends, this is only the beginning.






I’d like to precisely highlight that I am not like the previous Myths. Their stories are not my story. We both come from two different dimensions, two different time zones, and two different lives. And this is what’s so beautiful. I am my own superhero with my own battles I am on my own enlightenment quest. And, I’ve survived thus far.






You’re probably wondering, you, whom I’ve never met before and do not know. Tell me, how did you breathe this so-called Myth to life? The story you’ve told does not identify nor reflect our modern reality. Your personal Myth is only a figment of your imagination. This Myth cannot coexist amongst us; therefore, your Myth does not exist. And, what exactly is this divine power that you speak of?






Well, I will say this with great pride and certainty. I found Myth once I’ve overcome the voices I heard, the fear I felt, and the doubts I sought. My insecurities. My opposition.  The opposition I had to face and cannot run from. The opposition I had to surpass. The opposition I had not eliminated but learned to separate myself from. I had to learn from my opposition. As my acceptance of my opposition came so did Myth. I had to surrender. I had to dive into the basic human need for Myth.







The Myths I speak so highly of had a great purpose in the great cycle of human nature. They were the people’s highest and truest expressions of its spirit and culture. The world created myths. The world needed myths. The world developed myths. To my surprise I’ve come to find out the Leaders, the Kings, and the politicians understood the divine powers the Myths possessed. So, tell me your personal Myth will you let it die in despair or will you let it revive with great courage?






This incredible movement of personal Myth was also supported by many philosophers and psychologists. Their theories may not have involved a personal Myth but were in relation to the concept of the human being reaching his full potential. They called it The Humanism Theory. Abraham Maslow emphasized his study by admitting that the human being thrived for the realization of their full potential. Ha! I must admit he does come off as less superstitious as I do.






Now, if your curiosity has brought you thus far I am forever thankful. In a world filled with misery, I thrive to bring my Myth into existence. Myth, my divine power. A powerful force which will be recognized in literature, culture, and art. Here you will witness timeless stories of a Heroic Queen known as Myth and her powerful sword named “pen”. Her uniqueness will aim to unfold the raw fruits of truth through her artistic manners. Mythicizing her life to form a broad worldview of what may seem so unnatural.






My dear friends, I inspire you to leave your home of comfort.I invite you to dive into my world of mysteries like a fiction book you’ve picked up at your nearest library. We will be adventuring together on this unbelievable quest. We will join hands together in unity. We will be reaching the Myth’s deepest level of human thoughts and experiences through her divine mythic themes. I am grateful for you to allow Myth as a being of a figment of your imagination. It is my pleasure to present you a Myth ready for battle.








The Queen of Sword





It is time for a revolution

A new dose of human’s solution

Who aim to break the cycle of repetition

It is time for evolution

Society’s new resolution

It is time for rehabilitation

No sir, I don’t need your evaluation

Your rules have created separation

It is time for a revolution

Detach yourself from the drug addiction

Allow yourself to face clarification

No antidote needed, this is your medication

It is time for a revolution

Rebel against false information

It is time for a revolution

With fewer regulations

Forget the media’s systematic projection

They have caused us pollution

It is time for evolution

Nurture yourself with new revelations

To built strong foundations

To teach at  institutions

To guide the next generation

It is time for a revolution




The woman in me


What is life for a woman like me

That ain’t got nobody to cling onto

What is life for a woman like me

That ain’t got nothing but a couple of bills to lean upon












The Approval




Myth sing your song

They want to hear your song

As they crave you into the night

But won’t deal with you in sunlight

These men who did not love you

These men who did not want you

Have mistaken you for the weak

You missed the clues and took the risk

To please thee

Who has left you

With no mercy

And all this thinking

Has got you weeping




My Ancestors 






why so cruel?

I hear my people crying

I see my  people dying


why cause my people so much suffering?

They’ve cried and asked for God’s healing

As I do every night








Numb me




A night covered with intoxication

May never bring perfection

They say love is the cure

But, I am lost player at love

Who ends up feeling torn

With her broken heart on the floor

Reminiscing on the past

Made me loose it fast

So, I decided stick to reality, morally

Knowing these feelings will fade slowly, surely








Naive Sinner




Dear God

I have been a fool

Thinking someday I may resolve

My problems with a certain tool

Here I am

All Alone

Knocking on heaven’s door

my knees glued  to the floor

Forgiveness and love, I need  more

The world could have turned me cold

The more I pray,  the less I fear

The more you show, the less I speak

I continue to pray for a remedy

As I create this melody

Tell me, is this the life you’ve planned for me

If so, why do I continue to fear every light you’ve brought upon me








My favourite piece of art




Mysterious man

You stand there

So conservative

Mysterious man

In my head

Your name resonates

Mysterious man

At the crack of the dawn

I wonder about you

Mysterious  man

You attract women like me

Who are guided by their curiosity

Mysterious man

In the city of lights

You are my only unsolved mystery

Irresistible, you are

Unforgettable, you are

Mysterious man

You are every woman’s fantasy

Mysterious man

You are a walking piece of art

Mysterious man

In my heart

Your name resonates











The word itself “MYTH” is no coincidence.







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